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Published: 10th February 2012
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So, this time you guys have planned your holiday in Spain? Well, Spain is worth visiting place and most famous travel destination now a day. But before you guys move on for your dream holiday, you guys should be very well aware about the famous locations and famous tourist places in Spain. Here in this article I tried to cover almost all the hot spot in Spain where you guys can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Welcome to Spain!

Spain is country and member of European Union situated in Southwestern Europe. Spain is very popular place for summer holidays. It is popular holiday destination for the tourist from the British Isles, France, and Central Europe. During 2007 almost 60 million foreign tourists have visited the Spain and due to that in 2007 Spain has become the second most visited country in the world after France.
You will find almost everything here in Spain that will surely makes your holiday a lifetime journey. In Spain you will find some of the worlds beautiful beaches where you can just get off your towel and take sun bath, you will find ski resorts, beautiful and natural parks, museums. Spain is also known for its traditional festivals as well. So letís start the journey of Spain!

Food in Spain

Spain is famous for its cuisines. Spain is very much influenced by seafood. Paella and tapas are famous dishes in Spain. Apart from these there are some roman cuisines, which are kind of regular dishes in Spain. It includes potato omelette, stews, migas and sausages. There are variety of food you will find like rice pudding, shellfish, gofio, Madrid etc. Asturian chuletillas and andalusian are few famous dishes.

Letís go for ďBeachesĒ the heart of Spain!

Spain has miles of sandy beaches, it has 5000 miles coastline and most of it has covered by beautiful beaches. Below I tried to list out some of the famous beaches though there are countless beaches in different areas and cities of Spain.

- Barceloneta Beach is situated in Barcelona and it is the oldest and first beach of Barcelona. There are lots of other things you can do on beach starting from windsurfing and kite surfing are quite famous over there.

- Gandia Beach, Costa Brava. This city consists of many beautiful and pleasant beaches. This beach is basically very popular in local Spanish people rather than foreign tourist. You should visit Costa Brava to see other beaches.

- There are some other famous beaches also:

Tarifa Beach, Andalusia

Playa del Silencio, Asturias

Ses Illetes, Balaeric Island

San Sebastian, La Concha

Some worth visiting places in Spain!

There are some towns or cities you can say are worth visiting Spain. Madrid, Capital of Spain, Barcelona, Seville etc., these are some of the most famous places you should visit.
Palacio Real, Royal palace of Madrid which is residence of king of Spain. This palace is now used for some national ceremonies only. It is worth visiting this place. This palace contains 2800 rooms. It is the largest palace in Europe. The interior of the palace is full of art work with all kind of modern amenities in it.

La Concha, The famous beach situated in San Sebastian. One of the best city beaches in Europe. You can do lot more things like surfing, walking etc. Itís surrounded by cliffs and islands. One must see this placeís beauty.

Ibiza, many of you might have heard this in some songs. It is part of Balearic Island in Mediterranean Sea. This island is one of the most famous and popular party place in Europe. The night life and beach parties of this island are touristís major attraction here in summer.

Alicante, Spain. It is famous for its beaches and weather. Famous churches and harbor area are tourist attractions here. Calpe is city situated near Altea, it is known for its rock called penon de ifach. One must see the rock of Calpe, itís worth visiting place.

Benidorm, Spain. Benidorm is famous for its night life, disco clubs and parties. It has 1000 + restaurants and 30 discos. Benidorm has Casco Antiguo the old city center as tourist attraction. There are other places like two beaches Ė ďPlaya de poniente and Playa de LevanteĒ, golf resorts, holiday and theme based parks are famous tourist spots in Benidorm.

Cuenca, Spain. This city is situated Madrid and Valencia. This old town is listed as heritage destination in UNESCO. You may find hanging houses at the cliff edge more interesting to watch and captured them. You will find other places like thermal spa resort, Hoces Del Cabriel Natural Park to be the popular among tourist.

Apart from all this places Spain is also known for its traditional culture and festivals which are famous among the entire world. Some famous festivals like running bullís race are most famous throughout the world.

Itís not possible to cover all the famous places and tourist attraction in this one article so I have covered some major spots for you, hope you will find this information useful. Soon second article on Spain will be available for you till than enjoy.

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